Safety shoes manufacturer Glory Footwear moved to BRCIC


Professional safety shoes manufacturer Glory Footwear moved to BRCIC center, which belongs to the government of Licang district. BRCIC project is in response to China’s national One Belt And One Road policy to cooperate with worldwide friends.

BRCIC’s full name is Belt & Road Collaborative Innovation Center and it is located at No.216 Tongchuan Road. It upholds the Principle of achieving shared growth through discussion and collaboration, through bringing in business, finance, culture, education and other related company, consortia, organization of countries along and related to Belt and Road Initiative to establish economy and trade contact Center. Chinese party and foreign parties corporate and focus on collaborative innovation in “Five Sections” and “Ten Fields” to achieve respective development on the international platform of Belt & Road Collaborative Innovation Center. It is our honor to be invited to BRCIC Center.

It is full of Africa elements around this building. There is a large products showroom on 3rd floor underground. You can find machines, food, agriculture products and so on, which is popular in Africa. On the 7th floor, there is a showing center introducing the BRCIC and many Africa countries which choose to open their prime minister's office here. You can see many products produced by those Africa countries. Our new office is on the 12th floor of BRCIC. It is nearby prime minister's office of Ghana. At the beginning of July, 2019, we attended the meeting between QCEA from Qingdao and AGI from Ghana. We get more cooperation with Africa friends under Chinas One Belt And One Road policy.

Our company has been founded more than 20 years and our safety shoes have been sold all over the world. As a member of BRCIC and QCEA, we would like to contribute ourselves to the business cooperation of countries and companies. If you are interested in our products or any cooperation, please contact us freely.