How do we deal with new shoes grinding foot?


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One, rolling pressure method. If the new shoes appear edge part of the grinding feet, wet towels can be used in the grinding parts of the foot cover for a few minutes to make it moist and soft, and then use cylindrical objects, such as glass bottles, forced pressure several times, the grinding foot parts smooth Flat, it will not grinding foot.


Second, the wine leaching method. pour white wine (around 25 grams ) into the new shoes, shaking several times, put an hour later to wear, shoes are no longer pinch. If the edge of the shoes grinding feet, such as the heel, you can dry the wet tissue, and then fully soaked in white wine, with a clip fixed at the foot of the shoe parts, place a night, the next day will not grinding foot.


Third, the newspaper wet method. Will waste paper into a ball, wet with water, and then take another newspaper wrap, and then stuffed into the shoes part where the grinding foot, must be tight, then will be effective.


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